Chakra Balancing 

There are 7 major chakras in the energetic spiritual body.The chakras are  wheels of energy that spin and work together to become fully functioning positive source of direction.There are many factors that can cause disruption  and/or block 1 or many charkas and change your coarse.

                                             Chakra Balancing 

                                                                            60 min session 


          Energy Cleansing & Clearing


Just as the environment around us and the air we breath gets unclean so does our energy field with negative (unc, inner body and mind.We can look at any number of physical entities -a garden, closet,whole house,business,the body- to understand the concepts of containing, cultivating and clearing. Energy (physical and metaphysical) is meant to flow and it will unless inhibited.Our outer physical world has to have structure so does our inner self.



                                          All essentials (energy crystals, oils, sage)included

                                                                        45 min session




                   All essentials (energy clearing candles,clearing smudging scents)included

                                                                        60 min session

                                                                     $165 per session

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