Paranormal & Spirit Activity

If you are experiencing paranormal activities in your home, then you are probably hosting one or more spirits that are making their presence known to you. 

Much of the time, ghosts try to get your attention in the hope that you can help them crossover into the Light. 
A darker entity may try to frighten and anger you, to develop the kind of negative environment that they thrive on. 
Whatever spirit is present is in effect providing you an opportunity to experience the paranormal firsthand in an unambiguous manner and wants you to know its there and




If you have ghosts (human spirits) in your home they can manifest noticeable activity in many ways.



Here are some examples:

  • Items being thrown.

  • Sounds such as murmuring voices, footsteps, running, unusual banging noises.

  • Fragrances such as flowers, aftershave, and perfume, cigar / pipe / cigarette smoke.

  • Cold spots, faint touches or caresses that produce goosebumps or a chill down your back, fleeting or sustained visual manifestations.

  • Manipulation of light switches, faucets and electronic devices; small items can be thrown or knocked off shelves.


If you have Negative Energy's (non human spirits) in your home or surroundings they can manifest noticeable activity such as but not limited to:

  • Thuds and bangs can be very loud, clear voices may be heard by one or more family members, sounds (like doorbells, firecrackers, music or just about anything) can be produced without an explainable source.

  • Odors can be produced that are not pleasant, in fact putrid, without an explainable source.

  • Manipulation of electronic items can be more sophisticated and obtrusive, computers and phones can be interrupted or put out of service.

  • disappearance or movement of important items causing severe inconvenience, sudden insect infiltrations. 

  • Moods within the home can be manipulated to produce depression, anger and uncharacteristic behaviors in one or more persons/pets that occupy the space or home.

  • Physical attacks can occur, such as being held down in bed and choked, a feeling of having the chills. Uncontrollable energy attacks can cause severe vibrations and pains throughout the body.

  • Voices can taunt and confuse you, mental and physical illnesses can be mimicked. 

  • Dark humanoid forms or dark gaseous clouds can be manifested and seen in the home, and are often connected with the other types of manifestation.

  • One or more family members and pets can have their personality totally displaced for periods of time and be compelled to conduct detrimental behaviors, without having any memory of the episode, or they may remember but feel like they had been controlled against their conscious will.