Paranormal Activity& Spirit Removal

Spirit Release: why should I remove spirits / Ghost / Entity's ?


There are several reasons to help spirits move on from the earth plane, even if they seem benign. Most of the spirits we may encounter are confused, and don’t know how to move on. They are relying on somebody to help them. That somebody is you. If you are aware of their presence, then realize that you can help them reach a place of rest.

There is another important reason to remove friendly spirits. Often when you have one or more friendly spirits, they attract a more dominant spirit into the home that may not be so friendly. These aggressive spirits are more likely to be annoying, and sometimes even become threatening. Keep in mind that younger children are much more sensitive to a spirit. If you are sensing a spirit in your house, then it is likely that your children sense it/them also and could even be interacting with it/them.

Sometimes an aggressive spirit is cunning, and uses the benign spirits to mask or cover their activities, or simply acts friendly itself so as not to provoke you to remove it. This makes it difficult to know what kind of influences they are creating within your home. It may appear to you that there is simply a harmless spirit sharing your house with you, when it could end up being much worse. There is little point in taking the risk of allowing any spirits to share your home with you.

In the majority of cases dealing with human spirits, One clearing cycle ( 3 sessions ) will be all that is required. 

In rare cases, a follow up clearing is required to permanently remove dark/aggressive human spirits from a home. Katherine is a spiritual practitioner and must determine the underlying root cause of why the spirit/entity is there in the first place and can guide clients through a process of understanding the matter in order to resolve that which allows the spirit/entity to linger and will eliminate the entity’s purpose for being there. Katherine does not physically need to be at your location reason being,  distance is irrelevant to energy work which is done in the astral plane while in a meditative state. Keep in mind your assistance will be needed.




 15 to 45 minutes verbal report/discussion. 

The assessment provides a energy reading done remotely to determine what type of spirit activity you are experiencing. Every clearing has slight differences and a recommended course of action pertaining to your specific needs is necessary.

Katherine will need to determine if a specific service is appropriate for your needs.

This will also give an understanding to those who want to know what is happening and what options are available, but are not prepared to commit to having any further work done. 

 $350 to $750 per clearing cycle (assessment needed to determine exact fee)

These cases are normally resolved within
1 cycle that consist of 3 clearing sessions.
 Entity/Spirit clearing and removing is done remotely in which any spirits present will be crossed over and the home/property will be cleared of any spirit and/or negative energies.




Clearing Kit: All candles, crystals, energy stones, clearing items and essentials needed pertaining to your specific needs determined in the assessment (shipping charges not included).

sessions of remote energy work by Katherine coordinated with your schedule and detailed instructions on setup of clearing kit essentials ( session time 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours per session ).

 Verbal report/discussion before and after each session ( no set time or limit ).

Plan to take notes for the verbal instructions and report.

Note: Often clients think they are dealing with a human spirit when it is actually a dark non-human negative spirit.