Duration: 15-25 min. No limit on questions.

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations.

What to expect: The palm and fingers only
hold information regarding Life line,
Love line, Head line & Wealth line.
This reading is ideally best for newbies reason being, although highly accurate the palm reading is one of the more light hearted soft reads.






Duration: 30-45 min. No limit on questions

In the late 18th century, some tarot decks began to be used for divination via tarot card reading
The earliest evidence of a tarot deck used for

cartomancy comes from an anonymous
manuscript from around 1750 which documents rudimentary divinatory meanings of the tarot decks

What to expect: Tarot cards pick up on the current energy, giving clarity and guidance on the things that are most important for you to know at the present time. Sometimes the cards will go in to past, present & future, while other times the cards may only hit on one or two different areas of life.





Duration: 45min - 1hr. No limit on questions

Fire is one of the four classical elements along with earth, water and air in ancient Greek philosophy and
science. Fire is associated with the suit of wands, and as such, represents passion. As an element, fire has mixed symbolism because it represents energy, which can be helpful when controlled. 

What to expect: Fire represents passion so this element can be used to seek deeper insight regarding the romance by reading the energy/heatwaves. If
confused on whether you should continue to pursue a relationship or put the fire out, this would be the best option. As stated above fire represents passion, so the heat waves will also give info on soulmates & twin-flames.





Duration: 1 - 2hrs. No limit on questions.

Standing Bells are used in sound therapy for
spiritual purposes, by those who believe that the
sound can work on strengthening the force field a shield of positive energy, pure force and in some cases negative energy. When the force field is strong enough It protects us from attacks, drainage or intrusions. Sound therapy/meditation helps heal and strengthen our force field; while in turn relaxing it just enough to give Psychics the OK and allowing them to read ones energy with great detail on all areas of life.

What to expect: Our personal energy has been a part
of us since our very 
1st day here on earth literally...
The energy you carry now is the same energy you
may have carried in a past life, which means our energy holds the most information. So when reading it I'm able to give insight, clarity and guidance on every aspect of your life. Aside from the reading
sound therapy will center you, give you a boost of energy, help the body release its natural
relaxants' and raise dopamine levels for up to 48 hours.




Duration: 1 - 2hrs. No limit on questions.

Have you been feeling sluggish lately; always tired,
not quite depressed but also not happy, anxious, 
persistent headaches, & slight body aches? You may need to purify your spiritual energy. Over time our body becomes polluted with toxins from things we consume then we detox to build the immune system back up right? Shouldn't we take the same precaution 
with our spiritual energy? The answer is Yes! Just like the body, our energy becomes polluted not only by
the things we consume, but also by negative energies
we encounter through out the day. Once our spiritual energy becomes over polluted, the shield weakens and is unable to protect us against attacks, drainage & intrusions. Purifying Energy is a branch of alternative medicine based on the belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results because detoxing the spiritual energy will strengthen the shield in turn regulating our emotions and relax the third eye. 

What to expect: A purifying session includes all materials necessary to detox the energy, a 60min
meditation & a sit-down discussion of your experience.




Duration: 1 - 2hrs. No limit on questions.

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