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Psychic insight by Katherine is the perfect place to get intuitive advice and guidance. With years of experience in tarot, astrology, and other metaphysical modalities, you'll find the answers you've been searching for.

Time may vary within your session. Please, free up to 1 hour of your time.

Services are not limited. If there is any service you are interested in, contact us!

Smudging Session   


Smudging is a powerful tool to release and clear any negative energy or blockages within you.

Smudging reconnects one back to self with grounding energy, allowing any negative thoughts or energy to be dispelled with a tabaco and sage cleanse and sound bath to detox and cleanse energy.

Lastly, we will sit down and reflect on any feelings or experiences seen in your session.

30 minutes+



Energy Meditation Session     


Meditation is a tool for personal transformation. During a meditation experience, you transcend the endless chatter of the mind and enter into a deep rest that leads to higher spiritual states of awareness. This shift in consciousness creates mental clarity, spiritual revelations, inner and physical healing, peace, joy and an overall feeling of renewal, wellbeing and balance.

A regular meditation practice has been found to produce countless mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits including a decrease in stress, physical ailments and a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in life as you align with the source of your being. This may lead to clarity on making decisions and on one’s future.

45 minutes+



Sound Bath Session 


A sound bath session is a full body, mind, and spirit experience where one taps into their chakras, a deeper state of consciousness, expanded awareness, mental clarity, and deeper insight into challenging emotions or negative thought patterns. 

In our sessions, you will be “bathed” in deep (HZ) hertz (healing) frequencies and tones depending on your needs.  Some needs can range from pain relief, guilt and fear, healing, releasing unwanted energies, transformation, and so much more. One will be energetically aligned, with the reset one gets from our sessions. 

45 minutes+



Chromotherapy Healing Session 


Chromotherapy harmonizes one’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health, to keep us aligned with self and our environment.  

Color light - known as chormotherapy spectrum, allows one to help restore and heal any spiritual, physical, or mental imbalances. This therapy is well known for being the most holistic and simplest method to heal and connect the mind, body, and soul.  

The colors are all vibratory. Each of the color photons has its own wavelength and frequency. The body recognizes these waveforms and responds to them. The way we perceive color is because of the vibration it holds. Colors have vibrations that affect the mind, body, emotions, and energy field. As each color gives us a certain amount of energy manifesting as creativity, motivation, happiness, or energy that relaxes our bodies, clears the mind of anxiety negativity, and stress, and gives us the ability to allow more conscious positive mindful decisions and a clear insight into our future direction.

In our session, you simply come as you are, lay or sit in a quartz crystal sand basin under a Copper Gaza, within the necessary color. While lying or sitting you will be surrounded by healing vibrations and light, allowing your energy to open and release any unwanted energy to allow you to welcome positive energy within self.  


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