All You Wanted to Know About Getting a Reading


What’s My Secret? 

So how do I do it? How am I able to give you a much deeper insight into your life, tell you what life holds for you and reveal deep secrets about your life that even you weren’t aware of? The Spiritual insight,Clairvoyant and healing ability that I have is the marking of my Native American heritage. My Enisi  (grandfather) was a Tribal Community Spiritual Healer/Tutelary as am I.

There are 5 main physical senses that most people have, such as the sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. This is something most people take for granted. A Native American Healer ~ Tutelary ~ Clairvoyant and Psychic Reader  have what is called a “psychic/spiritual sense”.

Native American Healers, Clairvoyants, Psychics and Readers have a heightened or finely tuned sense of what’s going on around them – and this is something I was born with and developed further with years of practice and hands on training with a tremendous amount of guidance and direction from my Enisi (grandfather) and other Community Healers.


It is not a light that you can switch on or off. I have trained under his wing and have learned years of wisdom quickly at a very young age and worked on my skills and developed my ability over the years. This a book CAN NOT teach you.


I have given many readings over the years and helped so many people. I learn something with every reading and from every person I interact with during the course of my work.


I am a very ethical person and I don’t just paint a rosy picture so that you can be happy. I tell you the truth – good or bad, whether you like it or not. Trust me, I do this because I genuinely want to help you and have your well-being in mind. 




What to Expect from a Reading?

Let’s first understand why you would want a reading. You want one because you have some questions about your life, career, family, friends and a special someone, and you want answers. You want to speak to a Tutelary/Clairvoant/Psychic and open yourself to more possibilities for making use of your free will, as opposed to having your life being completely taken over by unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances. 


The Reader/Healer can provide you with the answers you’re looking for. I will give you profound insights on your life, and make a deep impact on your consciousness. You will feel more empowered and capable of making better decisions. I am going to explain this further and these are the things you should keep in mind when scheduling a reading; 1. Are you truly open to a reading and what it will reveal ? 2. What type of  information are you searching for ?


Different Readers have different areas of expertise, methods and divination tools such as Tarot Cards, numerology, crystals or astrology to receive information. The Readers/Healer may be of any type, but how good they are at revealing critical information about your life depends on their skill level, knowledge, natural gifts and ability to use the divination tool of their choice.


Who is a Master Psychic?


Master Psychic is a term I use to describe my psychic abilities and what I do. So who is a Master Psychic and how are they different from other psychics?

Most psychics use one or two methods to connect with their clients. As a Master Psychic I use a range of methods to connect to the energy of the client and am able to access the three main psychic channels – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. 


Clairvoyance is a psychic gift which allows me to receive my messages in the form of a series of pictures or video-like images. Images can often be confusing and it is easy to make a mistake about what they really mean. That’s where my years of experience as a psychic can help me. ​



What Happens During a Reading?


You will first deceide the Reading you will feel must comfortable with and I will answer any questions you  may have and I will explain what you can expect from the reading session. I make a connection with you through Clairvoyance. 


My readings can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After the session I will answer any additional questions you may have and advise on matters revealed in your reading. You can then reflect on your reading session and take positive action based on the information received. 



What is revealed in a session?


Here’s what you should know. A reading session is not about making a prediction on what’s going to happen in your life over the next few days or weeks. It highlights aspects of your life that you may not be fully aware of at this moment, and tell's you what is happening to you NOW.  


With all readings you will learn about the different influences on your life and about the conscious and subconscious decisions you have been making. The reading sheds light on critical issues of the past or the mental blocks that have been playing on your subconscious self, which may have a bearing on your present and the future.


A reading session is a good way to gain a fresh perspective on your life. It can reveal deep emotional problems that you hadn’t considered earlier and help you make more effective, balanced, insightful and well thought out decisions and take a good hard look at the positive and/or negative aspects of your Life, Career and Relationships. In short it gives you a clear cut objective perspective of your life and how you are doing right now and where you are headed. 



So When Should You Consider a Reading Session ?


You should schedule a reading session when you feel like you need some direction in your life or find yourself unable to make a major life decision and just need clarity – such as whether to accept the marriage proposal made by someone you’ve been dating for a while or if the time is right for a career change. Generally most of my clients who get a reading from me do so on a special occasion such as on New Year’s Eve, a few days before their birthday or anniversary or whenever they are on the verge of something big and important. 


A reading will reveal what are the changes that are likely to come and what direction you should be exploring for the next phase of your life. It tells you for example whether you are going to meet your soulmate soon and if your relationship with your current significant other has a future. 


You may want to schedule a reading just before considering a new business opportunity. The reading answers your questions on whether you have missed or overlooked anything. It gives you a fresh new insight into your life and gives you a fresh perspective on an old issue that has been bothering you. So if these are questions you have; then you are ready to schedule your session today!

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