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Psychic Insight by Katherine     

Tarot Card ~ Psychic ~ Palm ~ Spirit Cleanse ~ Smudging ~ Chromotherapy


My goal is to give clarity on past happenings, present situations and insight on future events that will allow you to make whatever changes you feel necessary if any, so you can achieve clarity and a brighter future.

1149 S Texas 6, Houston, Tx 77077

Are there times you want to evaluate your options or you are in need of direction going forward into your future? Whether reconsidering your career choices, personal relationship or seeking guidance and clarity on present life decisions; you can choose a reading that can best reveal the answers you need if you would like insight on the experiences past clients have had I recommend taking a look at our Google reviews.

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Houston, TX

“All I can say, she is amazing. She has guided me so much and I owe her the world. Everyone should at least get a reading, it’s life changing!."


Must by 18+ years or over. This site and readings are for information and entertainment purposes only. Individual results may vary from person to person, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation. Readings and services are not intended to substitute advice or help from LEGAL or MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. NO MEDICAL or LEGAL ADVICE IS GIVEN IN MY READINGS.   

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